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The Best Places to See Cuba’s Great Natural Beauty

In addition to the vibrant capital city of Havana, Cuba also boasts stunning natural surroundings. Gorgeous sandy beaches lined by palm trees, tropical forests, dramatic mountains ranges, sweeping tobacco fields and untouched valleys all await here.

cuba-2125797_640For those wanting to explore the island’s lush landscapes and unique ecosystems, booking your holiday through specialists like Cuba Holidays will enable you to tick a few of the best sites off of your list. Here are a few that you will want to see:

Vinales Valley

This amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site is a verdant valley that is encircled by mountains and is a great space for hiking, cycling and even climbing. It features dramatic rocky outcrops that shoot high into the sky, creating a breathtaking site that is one of Cuba’s most famous. For adventurous types, you can explore the cave systems which will be an unforgettable experience – remember to bring your camera here.

Sierra del Rosario

An impressive mountain range spanning over 260 square km, Sierra del Rosario is a protected area and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It features dense tropical forests that are teaming with wildlife and rare plant species, so a guided hike is an absolute must. During your hike, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for one of the world’s tiniest frogs and the smallest bird in the world – the Cuban zunzuncito (bee hummingbird). There are dozens of different trails to choose from, the ability to try canopy zip-lining and tourist facilities whilst still preserving the great beauty of the area.

Cienaga de Zapata

This national park is the largest wetlands in the entire Caribbean, so you can expect to find an enormous range of plant species, as well as 31 different types of reptile, 175 bird species (18 of which are endemic) and thousands of invertebrate species. The main highlight of the area is, unquestionably, the Cuban crocodile, which is sadly critically endangered but a magnificent sight.

Cuchillas del Toa

A World Biosphere Reserve located near Baracoa, here is where you will find the largest waterfall in the insular Caribbean – the magnificent Salto Fino. A sudden drop in Arroyo de Infierno (Hell’s Stream) sees the water fall a staggering 305m, which creates a constant mist in the area.
Cuba is a country of outstanding natural beauty with many unique ecosystems. There are many wonderful places to visit to see this, including the above places which will all take your breath away and show you the real heart and soul of the land.