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The New Superfruit You’ve Never Heard Of

The West seems to have developed an almost insatiable appetite for all things healthy – especially if they’re exciting and new. With many of us now reaching “avocado saturation point”, markets are always on the look-out for the new big superfood. From goji berries and hemp seeds, to kimchi, cacao nibs, turmeric, agave nectar and kefir – there’s a brand new, health conscious shopping list du jour amongst foodies and the health-conscious.

This booming market is always on the hunt for something new. With such a profitable avenue to explore, many companies are hunting for the next big thing. As such, fresh, exciting and little-known ingredients from all over the world are steadily making their way into our diets. One fruit which has made exactly this journey is the feijoa. Ever heard of it? No? Well you’re certainly not alone.

What exactly is a feijoa? Where is it from? Does it have any health benefits? We’ve got all the information you need to know about the latest exciting superfruit…

From Brazil to New Zealand

This mysterious fruit is gaining popularity – especially in New Zealand. The “Kiwis” fruity discovery is unusual, as the feijoa actually originated in Brazil. Today, however, New Zealand is one of the biggest producer of this up-and-coming superfruit. In 2016, the antipodean nation exported 54,003 kilograms of feijoas, more than doubling the amount exported in 2010. While the UK and the US are yet to catch on to this growing food trend, markets in South America, Iran, Spain, Italy and Russia already have a big appetite for feijoas.

Taste and texture

This Brazilian fruit looks very much like a lime from the inside but, once cut open, the feijoa has a cucumber-esque quality. To eat it, simply chop the feijoa in half and eat the inside with a spoon, avoiding the less tasty skin.

The flavour of feijoas is rather unique and widely agreed to be, well, very yummy. Picture a cross between a sweet, fleshy guava and the sharp tang of a pineapple, mixed with the mellower taste of a slightly tart pear. It’s rather difficult to imagine, but generally reported to be extremely delicious.

Bursting with vitamin C

One of the things which has health food lovers raving about the feijoa is the fruit’s insanely high vitamin C content. In fact, these little green fruits contain more vitamin C than, well, almost any other ingredient out there. There is a huge array of dietary benefits to vitamin C. This substance (also known as ascorbic acid) protects the cells in our body, keeps our skin, bones and blood vessels healthy, prevents conditions such as scurvy and promotes healing of tissue.

Feijoa-free vitamin C

The NHS currently recommends that adults consume 40mg of vitamin C per day, an amount many of us struggle to incorporate into our daily diet. If you can’t get your paws on feijoas, there are lots of other ways to enjoy the health benefits of increasing your vitamin C intake. Why not…

  • Get smooth
    If eating more fruit and vegetables doesn’t appeal to you, try transforming these health-boosting ingredients into a delicious smoothie. You can get creative with all sorts of combinations to see what tickles your taste buds, we recommend an apricot and carrot smoothie for a refreshing vitamin boost.
  • Snack on the job
    The working day is the perfect opportunity to snack on something high in vitamin C. Why not encourage your employer to arrange offer fruit deliveries for staff? The benefits of healthier staff are well documented after all, from higher productivity to fewer sick days and greater well-being.
  • Fizz it up
    Vitamin C tablets come in many different varieties. Soluble, fizzy options you can pop into a glass of water are especially good for waking you up first thing in the morning.