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The Tech Generation: Apps That Millennials Use to Manage Their Busy Lives

There are some two million different apps out there, and millennials use a lot of them to manage their super busy millennial lives. Of course, some Apple and Android apps are more worthy of taking up phone space than others. If you’re part of the tech generation, no matter what your age, you’ll want to know more about these apps and gadgets.

imac-606765_640Information, rides and dinner, too

Apps that deliver rides, news and food are among the most popular phone apps used by millennials today, so say the tech gurus at Forbes magazine. Uber is the #1 ridesharing app employed by young techsters, while Postmates, Maple and Instacart are the most-used grocery and meal delivery services. But food and transportation are by no means the only reasons millennials are so apt to use apps.

Flow is a sleek phone app that facilitates task management and internal communications. The chat feature contained in Flow allows project workers to coordinate and communicate even during non-business hours and from remote locations. Boomerang, which is only available for Android at the time, reminds email senders when no timely reply is received. Users say that Boomerang lets them control the chaos of their e-mail boxes and eliminates the worry of not following up on an important sales letter or intra-office communication.

Reading news, saving phone calls

If you’re a techy type who wishes to remain well informed at all times, theSkimm is a must-have Android app that keeps users connected to crucial news releases, timely info about cultural and business events and everything else that’s happening in the world. Reporters, sales staff and others who have reason to save every word of a phone conversation can download and install Automatic Call Recorder for Me at the Google Play store. Free to install and easy to use, the call recorder app from Apalon does away with messy paper notes and misremembered phone calls.

Apps to unwind

When millennials feel the need to deeply unwind, they turn to an app called Headspace. The app offers gentle guided meditations that help busy young executives and overstressed workers obtain the relaxation they require, even when time is limited. Proponents claim that daily use of Headspace meditations trains their focus and helps them to remain mindful and present throughout their workday. And speaking of heads, Lumosity is a brain health app that helps users exercise their minds. Users say that daily use of Lumosity helps them make better decisions and create the life they want. Developed by brain scientists, Lumosity offers more than 50 different cognitive games designed to keep your brain sharp.

Millennials who need to take a lot of notes find Evernote a most helpful app. The time-saving app helps users organize contextual information along with images, video recordings and PDF docs. Evernote can scan notes and digitize documents right from the phone in which the app is installed, according to Bloglovin’ magazine.

If you are a millennial with something to do, something to learn or something to organize, don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

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