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The top five places to buy a new home

England is such a wonderful and varied place to live that you might not have even thought through all your options when you are looking for a new place to move to. Based purely on the lifestyle opportunities and the community environments available in the cities, our top five choices are all winners in our eyes.

1. Bristol

For many years now, Bristol has been taking over the mantle of England’s artistic capital. Quietly and slowly, communities were springing up and forming in the outer Bristol streets, ready to combine and create a unique atmosphere within the city itself. The city centre is a lively mix of business and public gathering spaces, where markets and performers intermingle weekly. There’s a really feel of a bohemian uprising coming from the artistic quarter into the mainstream high street.

2. Cambridge

The long tradition of being a student city has overshadowed the businesses which have thrived in the city of late. It might be fed directly from the University’s graduates, but there is a world-leading technology industry based right in the heart of the city. With recent road infrastructure catching up to the road network, London is an easy commute and this has become one of England’s most attractive investment opportunities.

3. Borehamwood

Situated perfectly outside of central London and the central London house prices, but inside the M25 and with all the transport benefits of the London area, Borehamwood is the smallest of towns on our list. The town has become synonymous with Premier League footballers and high-flying business leaders and this just shows what an amazing opportunity the town really is. Just taking a look through Borehamwood Estate Agents‘s website, shows the wide range of houses which anyone could make into a loving home.

4. Newcastle

The gentle giant of the North is famous for two things, Ant and Dec, oh and a football club. The city has so much to offer a first time buy. House prices are attractive when compared to other cities of similar sizes and become even more inviting when you look at what Newcastle has to offer. A bustling city centre, day and night, then the opportunity to explore the vast expanses of the countryside right on the doorstep.

5. Brighton

Brighton is one of those places in England, which have to be seen to be believed. It is a city built on tolerance and acceptance, where weird is normal and really encouraged. To say that Brighton is weird is probably paying it a great compliment. The only city in England with a Green MP, the seaside entertainments and a Premier League team. Whilst these might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is far from the exhaustive list. If you can think of something you would like to experience, the odds are that Brighton will be providing it for you in the very near future.

If you choose to move to any of our top five, then you really will be moving to one of England’s best places to live.