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The Ultimate Guide to Europe’s Top UK-Friendly Countries

The cold and wet of a British winter is often the trigger for many to start to turn dreams of living in another country into reality. Warmer sun spots such as Spain are often top of the list of where to look and with 761,000 UK residents now living a life of sun and Sangria, it’s no surprise that every year this number grows.

There are many options when looking for a new life somewhere in Europe and there’s always a great deal to consider; language, cost of living, distance from the UK and customs and culture. A study by Ampilot though has shown it’s a two-way street and that those already living in other countries may already have thoughts about the prospect of their ranks swelled by the British.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the rays in Malta or catch fish for dinner every day in Finland, here then is the ultimate guide to the most UK-friendly countries in Europe.

small 1 -who-loves-and-hates-brits-in-europe-smNorthern Europe

Lands of never-ending daylight in the summer months and stunning vistas of snowy mountains and forests in the winter, northern Europe is a part of the world which is starting to become more popular with the British seeking an alternative lifestyle.

Sweden and Norway are not only the most popular places of this part of Europe for the British to relocate to, they also came out head and shoulders above their counterparts in how friendly they are to those from across international borders.

Central Europe

There’s a huge diversity of culture and lifestyle in Central Europe and this is shown through the number of expats who have made the move to these countries. The most popular place to move to is English-speaking Malta where there are now 11,000 British and this is probably borne from many years of it being a popular holiday destination.

Austria tops the survey though as the nation with the broadest smiles when newcomers move to their neighbourhood. With only 1.14 residents per 1000 being British though, it’s a country which is yet to be discovered by those with a yearning for the expat life.

Western Europe

The Irish have always been known for a warm welcome in their bars and this extends to those who want to make the Green Isle their permanent home. The number of British moving to Ireland is on the increase – partly due to the large numbers of inexpensive properties on the market and partly due to it only taking an hour to fly back to the UK. The Irish are happy to welcome the British to their shores and in the survey, the residents of counties such as Galway, Cork and Kildare combined to top the poll of the friendliest place to live in Europe.

Eastern Europe

Generations of living behind the Iron Curtain has produced a mysterious and new to Europe collection of countries. Just as it’s a new world for the small number of British who have made the move east, it’s also a huge shift in culture and lifestyle for those living in nations such as Bulgaria and Hungary. These destinations are in particular enjoying a rise in the numbers of newly arriving expats – by those wanting a place by the sea or an offgrid lifestyle, but there is still a long way to go to match the levels of comfort between neighbours when compared to countries such as Ireland and Austria.  Bosnia and Herzegovina though is championing the sharing of the new life together as it was voted one of the friendliest parts of Europe as a whole. With only 0.002 British living there at the moment per 1000 Bosnians, it’s a slow but sure start to a new convivial life for many over the next few years.

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