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Think Differently, With Battery Storage for Your Solar Power

Our power storage battery installations in Norfolk and nationwide, are helping you to work towards a more independent future.

By choosing to install a power storage battery within your home or business, you lessen your dependence on the large energy corporations, which currently have the monopoly over the power supply market.

SonnenBatteries allow you to store the excess energy collected during the day from your solar panels and keep it until your household or business requires it. At home this could be in the evening or for your company, you would find it useful on cloudier days, when you may not collect as much power from the sun.  

If you are running a large business in Norfolk, power storage batteries can be connected in a cascading system, to potentially allow them to power even the largest of offices.

The Sonnen system not only lessens your use of electricity from the grid, but also maximises your investment in a Solar PV system, which can also be installed professionally by our team.  

Power Different’s Norfolk based renewable power experts, have many years’ experience in installing eco energy systems for households and businesses, if you have any questions regarding the latest alternative power technology, or are interested in how we can install Solar PV systems to benefit your business, our experts would be more than happy to help.