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Three Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Eye Bags

Eye bags can be extremely unsightly depending on your face type. While some people can manage to have the slight appearance of eye bags, some have it far worse. If you’ve tried every remedy possible including cucumber slices and tea bags, then it might be time to go to the clinic for a more permanent choice. There are multiple ways to get rid of eye bags, ranging from topical treatments to surgical treatments. Depending on your preference, there should be a treatment fit for you to get rid of the pesky dark circles. Here are three effective treatments to get rid of eye bags.

pexels-photo-301290What causes eye bags?

Though it might surprise you, eye bags aren’t the result of stressful nights and lack of sleep; it’s much more complicated than that. Eye bags are the result of natural ageing. Fluid leakage is what causes the skin’s firmness to lose its effect and elasticity. Diet contributes a lot to this as an ageing body can no longer produce higher amounts of hyaluronic acid to maintain the skin’s elastic properties.

Going for Cosmetic Surgery

The biggest gun of them all, cosmetic surgery is a sure-fire way to get rid of those eye bags by technically sewing your circles shut and inaccessible to any fat to accumulate under it. One of the most extreme options, with an equally extreme price, this procedure is better kept until last if the cream and diet don’t help.

Using Botox injections

You can choose the first of the two needles if you aren’t wholly convinced to go with the knife. A regular dosage of Botox injections will have a lasting effect on your skin that can last for as long as nine months. It will take a few weeks before you see clear results of the treatment as you will have to go back and forth to your doctor to take a shot to balance out the Botox in your face.


Choosing the tear trough filler treatment

The third option is the tear trough filler treatment. The procedure involves introducing a filler in the skin’s tear trough and takes a maximum of about thirty minutes. The tear trough Is the hollow area from the inner eye margin running up to the upper check. These natural depressions are what causes a ‘sunken’ look of circles under the eyes. The filler is massaged into the cheekbone to imitate a foundation under the ‘dark circles’ area. Like natural hyaluronic acid, the filler contains pharmaceutical quality hyaluronic acid similar to our body’s soft tissues. Not only will it rehydrate the skin, but it also doubles as a treatment of infra-orbital volume loss.

Committing to tear trough filler treatment is not that severe as the process is reversible. If the deemed effect of the filler isn’t as expected, it can be broken down using an enzyme that breaks down the filler in a matter of days. If you’re not too sure about making the firm commitment, this could be the first and last treatment you should try.