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Tips For Looking Stunning This Summer

The weather and temperature is improving and because of this it not only brings that excitement of going to the beach, ditching the excessive layers that because the norm during winter and spring; but also the nervousness and anxiety about ditching the layers.  That anxiety because of the weight we maybe put on over the winter period or just feeling generally uncomfortable.

If you are wanting to do something about it and not quite sure how or where to start, we are here to help.  In the following post we have listed our favourite and easiest to follow but also most powerful and effective tips for getting back into shape, getting fitter and more toned without taking any health risks.

Avoid Setting Unrealistic Goals

Goals are important when you are trying to lose weight and live a healthier life.  It gives you something to work towards, something to achieve.  It is crucial though that while you are setting yourself goals, that you do not make them unachievable   You may wish to lose  stone a week, but it is not likely that you will be able to.  It would be much better to aim for something realistic like a 10% of your body weight in a week.  So by all means, push yourself as this will help you to achieve what you want better, but avoid making things too hard.  Setting yourself up for failure will not help you achieve your goals.

Get Regular Exercise

Regardless of what you may have heard, the two main parts of getting yourself that slimmer, beach ready body, are regular exercise and a healthy diet (which we will cover in the next paragraph).  Exercise is important because it burns off calories and melts fat, as well as helping you feel better about yourself and improving your muscle mass and strength.  If you have not exercised in a while or ever to a great extent then it’s crucial that you start, but start gradually.  You don’t even have to do much – just a little each day and enough to get your blood pumping and your heart-rate up.  Not everyone likes working out at home, but with the fact that you can now have various types of equipment set up in your own home, it has become more attractive.  We would recommend an exercise bike or treadmill along with a chin-up bar to cover the entire body.

Make Healthier Eating Choices

You can’t walk around the supermarket these days without coming across a product that claims to aid dieting or claims to be low fat or sugar free.  However, many of these products are highly processed and synthetically produced and just not that good for you.  Therefore, it falls to the old rules of healthy living when you are trying to get that gorgeous figure in shape again – exercise regularly (as mentioned above) and eat a healthy, balanced diet.  Your daily diet should contain lots of fresh, raw fruit and veg for minerals, nutrients and vitamins, lean protein sources such as turkey and whole grains.  Not only will you start to feel better from switching up your diet in this way, you will start to look better too.