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Tips for Staying Calm While Playing Games Inside an Escape Room

You already know that escape rooms are just for fun. They are designed for you to be mentally and physically challenged. They are also perfect as a team-building exercise. Despite that, you will still feel stressed out while you are inside. Perhaps, the time factor makes you anxious. When you see the clock ticking and you are far from being finished, you will panic until the time is up.

It is important for you to stay calm throughout the game. You can’t let your nerves overwhelm you. Here are some tips to survive an escape room, like Omescape London offers.

pexels-photo-845265Think that you are not alone

This is a collaborative exercise. You are not the only person in this game. Don’t feel the heat. All of you will share the success or failure anyway. Besides, if you think that someone will be there by your side to help you, this could make you feel more confident about yourself.

Focus on the challenge

When your brain is occupied with the puzzles and riddles that you have to solve, you will forget everything else. You won’t mind the time running. You will also not worry about the setting even if the lights are somewhat dim. The only thing on your mind is to get it over with so you can finally escape the room.

The rooms are not actually locked

Even if the idea of an escape room is that all people inside are locked up for an hour and they can only go out if they solve the challenge, the truth is that the room is not locked at all. If you are claustrophobic, this should calm you down. The doors can be opened if you want to breathe fresh air or go to the toilet.

Think of the rewards

Not everyone is successful in doing the challenges. A lot of teams have tried before but they always ended up not opening the door in time. Some escape rooms have prizes for those who have succeeded. They can even place you in a hall of fame if you have beaten the record. You and your teammates will have your images displayed in the area. This should serve as motivation for you to do better.

Have a good rest before the game

One of the reasons why you feel so tense inside an escape room is that you are not physically prepared for the challenge. Perhaps, you have not rested the day before. Forget that you are doing this challenge even for a while. Don’t prepare much as there is nothing you can do to know the kind of challenges anyway.

In the end, the point of doing this is to have fun. If you allow your nerves to overwhelm you, this could be a disaster. You can’t help your team. You can’t focus on what needs to be done. Worse, the fun will be sucked out of it. Just relax and appreciate the nature of the game.