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Tanzanians were practicing agriculture as early as in 1,000 BC albeit with wooden tools. In the 4th century AD, when Bantu people came to Tanzania, with them came the iron tools. Tanzania saw the Arab influence in the 8th century and the Masai migrated here three centuries later. The European influence came much later in the 16th century. It took some time for Tanzania but after 1985, the country has seen better economical conditions. The economy is still supported by agriculture and the major crops of the country include tea, coffee, tobacco, cashew nuts, and cotton. What makes Tanzania stand out from among other countries is its fast rate of development and great potential for tourism. There are several national parks within the country, boasting big game animals, like lions, leopards, giraffes, crocodiles, and hippopotamus.


The five biggest cities of Tanzania are as follows:


Smallest among the five, Mbeya is both an administrative and business center in the south of the country. The city holds many attractions for tourists, such as:

* Kitulo National Park

* Ruaha National Park

* Lake Nyasa

* Mwalalo Water Falls

* Mbozi meteorite


Located in the heart of Tanzania, Dodoma is also the capital and houses the National Assembly.


Arusha happens to be where most of the manufacturing and financial dealings take place. Tourist footfall is popular here and tourists can also visit the following:

* Ngorongogo Conservation Area

* Mount Kilimanjaro

* Arusha National Park, among others


The second largest city counts fishing amongst its major industries in the city. It is also the location for the largest mall in the country i.e. Rock City Mall.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam plays host to most of Tanzania’s embassies and government, the country’s central bank, the Bank of Tanzania, stock exchange, and the tallest building in the country i.e. PSPF Twin Towers.


Currently, the population of Tanzania stands at almost 56,000,000, making 0.73% of the global population. Close to 31 % of the population is urban.

Game Reserves

The major game reserves and their attractions are mentioned here briefly:

Arusha National Park

* Momella Lakes

* Ngurdoto and Meru Craters

* Colombus Monkey

Lake Manyara National Park

* Birdlife

* Lions, hippos etc.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

* Ngorongoro & Empakai Craters

* Olduvai Gorge

* Oldonyo Lengai Mountain

* Wildlife

Ruaha National Park

* Elephants

* Hippos

* Kudu

* Eland

* Giraffe

* Dik dik

* Birds

Selous Game Reserve

* Elephant

* Wild dogs

* Black rhinos

Serengeti National Park

* One of the least disturbed ecosystem on the planet

Tarangire National Park

* Elephants

* Baobab and acacia trees

Luxury Safari

Different Reserves to Choose From

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* Selous

* Serengeti

* Ruaha

* Mwiba

* Mahale

Difference Experiences for Every Reserve

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