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Toker’s Tech: Apps and Gadgets Vapers Learn to Love

Vaping has really caught on in a big way and it is an industry that is rapidly evolving, which is good news for vapers as there are a growing number of apps and gadgets becoming available that are aimed at enhancing your experience.

Here is a look at some of the smartphone apps and gadgets that are proving popular with the vaping community and why they should be on your radar. Including a way to do some easy calculations, a mixology lesson at your fingertips, plus a great way of finding other vapers to talk with.

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Need a math degree to be a vaper?

If you are one of the many smokers who has made the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping you will probably have noticed that you might be presented with a few brain-teasing calculations to do and Ohm’s law had very little connection with your habit.

You might have narrowed down your choice to something like Cuttwood eliquid in the UK in terms of knowing what you want and what you like, but you might be glad of a useful vaping app to calculate the amp-draw of your setup.

If you have a head for figures, DIY mixing will probably be a breeze but if you like the idea of an app on your smartphone doing all the number crunching and calculations on your behalf, there are a number to choose from.

Ohm’s law is a no-brainer free app that lets you enter and two values like wattage and resistance, and it will give you the voltage and current calculation, for example.

MicroCoil Pro would be a good app for your smartphone if you are a vaper who likes to build their own coils and the Vaper’s Toolbox app gives you the fundamentals of coil-building calculations in an instant.

Getting the right mix

If you are looking for a user-friendly app that works as an e-juice calculator the E-Juice Lab on Android would be a potentially good addition to your smartphone.

The app lets you set your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength, along with the strength of your nicotine base and what level of flavoring you want to add. The idea of an app like this is to take a bit of the guesswork out of what you are doing and create the right blend and strength that aligns with your preferences.

Connect with the vaping community

If you want to talk to a mixture of vaping virgins and veterans a good way do that would be by downloading the Planet of the Vapes form app.

There are thousands of registered users already and that means you should be able to find some like-minded vapers who want to chat and share their useful vaping experiences with you, plus you can often get a quick and honest answer on any vaping question you might have.

With tons of apps and gadgets to choose from already, it seems clear that if you want any help with your vaping or to make the experience as smooth as possible there is plenty of help available and your smartphone could become a useful tool itself with some of the apps on it.