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Top 5 places to visit in a limousine in Fort Lauderdale

A stunning city on the south eastern coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale has places to visit and attractions suitable for all the family. It’s a destination which is upmarket, trendy and full of fantastic places to eat and drink as well as 23 miles of beautiful beaches to relax on. For those who love history, there are national monuments to the past of the area as well as lush green outside spaces. With many boating canals available to explore, the city is known as ‘The Venice of America’.

Visiting Fort Lauderdale means travelling many miles to see everything on offer so you really need reliable comfortable transport. A taxi or hire car is always an option but you’re reliant on a cab being available when you want it and a good GPS system being part of the package when you pick up your vehicle to avoid you becoming repeatedly lost. There is a solution though and that’s to hire a limousine for a day or a weekend. A professional driver will take you to all the places you want to visit and with a limo service, Fort Lauderdale is laid out before you to take in at a pace which suits.

Here are the top 5 places to visit when you are picked up by your limousine.

  1. John U. Lloyd Beach State Park

The best place in the city to see nature up close and personal; the John U. Lloyd Beach State Park is a stunning unspoilt coastline. It’s one of the easiest dive shores in the area and you can also spend the day surf fishing, canoeing, boating and studying the local birds as they dive through the waves. It’s located off the A1A and is a mangrove-lined waterway with a unique environment.

  1. Las Olas Boulevard

A popular thoroughfare which runs from Andrews Avenue in the central area of the city through to Fort Lauderdale Beach. It’s a place which is the ultimate destination  to shop, eat and drink as well as being a social spot to hang out with friends and family. Take a water taxi from Stop 6 to head out for a few hours on the sea traversing the canals before returning to pick up your gifts and goodies from the various arcades and galleries.

  1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Miles of glistening white sands meet Blue Flag ocean at Fort Lauderdale Beach. The most popular spot for visitors and tourists alike, it’s a serene location for a winter stroll and a vibrant party location during the spring and summer. For those backpacking or taking a gap year, there will be lots of kindred spirits to meet and befriend as it’s the number one place for students to gather during their spring break.

  1. Stranahan House; 335 SE 6th Ave

The home of pioneers Frank and Ivy Stranahan, this 1901 constructed building is the oldest building  in Broward County. Originally built as a trading post, it became a residence to the couple who also used it as a community hall, bank and general store. The couple were focal to the development of the growing settlement of Fort Lauderdale and took a key role in numerous guilds and groups. It’s been a listed historic building since 1974 and there have been guided tours for the public since 1985.

  1. Broward Centre; 201 SW 5th Ave

For those who love the theatre then arrange for your limousine to whisk you off for a red carpet evening. The Broward Centre plays host to a number of off-Broadway shows and is a large multi-venue entertainment complex. It features in the top 10 most visited theatres in the world.