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Unique Wedding Cake Flavours to Match Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Event

Planning a wedding is one of the most critical decisions that you’ll have to make together as a couple. From the catering services to the gown you’ll wear to the venue where it’ll take place, it’ll be a lot of firsts for the future choices that you’ll have to decide together later in life. You’re not alone if you think that deciding on the wedding cake’s flavour can be more problematic than picking the dress. A lot of couples struggle to plan the best cake for their wedding ceremony.

As more and more people want to stay away from the one-size-fits-all wedding planners, you’d be surprised to see what wedding cake choices are still popular among soon-to-be-wed couples. Here are a few of the top options of the list.


If you’re feeling a little bit in the mood for some citrus, lemon cakes can be your best bet. A popular choice for weddings in warm-weather, the juicy and tangy sensation of lemon goes great with other fruit choices like berries to match the sweetness with the slight sourness. Topped with a bit of vanilla butter cream and you’ve got yourself a winning buffet of flavours packed into one.


No, you might think we’re talking about cheesecakes, butwe’re talking about realcheese-stacked cakes. A popular delectable choice for dessert, you would be surprised to see cheese wedding cakes as the first pick for any bridal occasion. Stacked on top of another, a wide range of cheese varieties is sure to be every dairy-food lover’s dream. Be sure that you get your cheesecake from the right source, as ordering it too early or too late might affect the flavour. It’s best to order it in advance so that you won’t run into complications with stock and orders.


Vanilla has always been a reliable choice. You can never go wrong with choosing vanilla as a humble baker’s preferred palate since the texture and flavour can work with any frosting and flavoured filling that you might have. Favourite fruit accompaniments are strawberry, mango, and even blueberry, to give a little bit of spice to the cake. The pureflavour does seem a bit ‘vanilla’, but it’s a choice that’s fit for anyone going for simple over extravagant.


If you’re looking for a stark contrast to vanilla, then Funfetti might be the right cake for you. If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, then this dish is sure to bring out the child in you with its candy sprinkles mixed in with the cake batter. Not only does it scream fun but can also be reflective of the light-hearted nature of the event. Fit for semi-formal dress attire and unique venues.

Chocolate and vanilla swirl

Want to get the best of both worlds but can’t commit to one? A Chocolate vanilla swirl brings both flavours in through a mix of vanilla chiffon and chocolate mocha mousse. The combination of texture can bring out something extraordinary out of two fan-favourite choices.