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Western Europe in your motorhome

Motorhome tours usually take place around France or Spain because of the accessibility of ferries but there is another option which takes in countries with vast historical and cultural offerings but which are often looked over when itineraries are being planned.

Western Europe; Belgium, Holland and Germany are easy to reach from the UK via a ferry from Ramsgate so check your insurance documents for European cover, see if you can get a better deal from to add the savings to your holiday money and pack up your motorhome and go.


You’ll alight from your ferry trip feeling refreshed so hop into your motorhome as you disembark at Oostende, Belgium. Don’t pass through this beautiful port town without stopping here overnight, there’s great camping facilities you can spend an evening chilling out at with your first bottle of Belgian beer.

The next stop is Bruges where you’ll marvel at the historic parts of this area; the old town is really worth a visit and if you don’t want to walk you can either use your own bikes you have on your motorhome or you can easily hire some.

It’s then time to head to the capital of the country; Brussels. The centre of all things chocolate, waffles, chips and mussels, you can combine the national foods with a sightseeing tour. Make a beeline for the Manneken Pis statue before checking out the City Hall for the architecture.


Drive from Belgium into Holland and admire the glorious flower fields along the way complete with iconic windmills. No need to worry about hills as it’s pretty much a flat road all the way. Brussels to Amsterdam takes around 2.5 hours so relax along the way and stop off at local cheese farms to sample the real taste of Edam. When in Amsterdam, plan your time around the canals, the Anne Frank Museum, the paintings of Van Gogh and of course the infamous and now tourist attraction of the red light district.


Make your first scheduled stop Hanover which is 4 hours from Amsterdam. Whilst not architecturally the finest choice due to the massive re-build after WW2, it’s got some wonderful open spaces and it’s a good place to have as a base to rest for a couple of days. There are some interesting locations along the way however including Bentheim Castle and Osnabruck.

After recharging your – and your motorhome batteries, the next major destination is the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Berlin is a city which was also subject to huge reconstruction after the war but has an incredible history as it was the epicentre of the Cold War. Take some of the guided walking tours to really understand the importance of the location as well as checking out Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenberg  Gate, the remainder of the Berlin Wall and Budestag, the German Parliament.

It’s a long drive to the next stopover of Munich but certainly worth it. The capital of Bavaria, you can sample delights in the German Beer Halls and even surf on a river all year round. Before heading back to the UK, be sure to check out Schloss Neuschwanstein, the castle you’ll instantly recognise as the inspiration for the Disney castle we all know and love.

Travel back via Stuttgart and Luxembourg before reaching Calais for the short hop back over the Channel and you’ll have really undertaken a voyage of discovery.