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What Happens When a Cruise isn’t Smooth Sailing

Cruises can be a great experience, and there are many more reasons why people take them. You may even get the chance to visit more than one location on each trip. Cruises have the amazing benefit of being both the mode of transportation and place to stay. However, things do not always go so smoothly and there are always things that can go wrong. We are going to tell you what can happen when a cruise is not so smooth sailing.

ferry-boat-123059_640You can get stuck

This is a sad truth that no person wants to hear, but you can get stuck on a cruise ship. It has happened before as well. In 2013, the Carnival Triumph cruise ship got stuck at sea for a few days. The ship lost its electricity, air conditioning, and engines. Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean in the sweltering heat or the blistering cold with no air conditioning or heat. It’s definitely a disaster.

There may be crime

It can be terrifying just thinking about it, but crime does happen on cruise ships. Not everyone is there for some good fun like you are. No one wants to have to worry about crime in a boat in the middle of the ocean, but it is a sad reality. In extreme cases, crew members or passengers have harmed other guests. The more likely scenario to worry about is thievery. Be sure to keep track of your belongings. Keep all of your bags zipped and keep your wallets in your front pockets. Also, try to avoid bringing anything valuable on the ship as well. Not only can it be stolen, but you may lose it on the ship or on one of the off-ship excursions.

You can miss your departure

Missing your port departure can be a nightmare before you’ve departed on your cruise, but it gets even worse after you have departed on your cruise. It can be scary being in another country and just watching your ship leaving in the distance. If you go on a cruise, you will often see those people running on board who make it on board right before the gate closes. You will want to be prepared for a missed port departure.

You can get food poisoning

This problem is a very real risk and can happen anywhere. However, cruise ships are especially prone to this due to the buffet style dining and a large variety of food. It is definitely not unheard of for people on cruise ships to complain of food poisoning. There really is little you can do to prevent this from happening. You do not have very much control on this matter. Just keep track of the symptoms that may include stomach pain, abdominal cramps, muscle weakness, dizziness, stomach pain, and vomiting.

There may be bed bugs

Bed bugs can be a problem that will arise anywhere there are beds and cruise ships are basically floating hotels. These little critters have become a big problem for cruise ships. They like to hide in furniture and the smallest crevices in your room. It really is not always the fault of the cruise line either. People can and do transport bed bugs from their own homes as well. They can also be transferred from person to person. Just try to keep that in mind if you have to understandably complain about a bed bug situation in the unfortunate case that it happens. Remember to avoid packing and unpacking your luggage on the floor and try to sanitize your luggage before you leave.

Your excursions can be too expensive

One of the coolest parts about taking a cruise is traveling to great destinations and being able to leave the ship. There is lots of fun to be had off the ship, but it can get expensive. If you plan to swim the dolphins, go on any tours, go out to eat or go on fishing trips, be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. The tourist areas are going to be expensive and the areas that cruise ships board add tend to be geared towards tourists. You can venture out further to get cheaper food, but be careful, it can be dangerous venturing out into an area that you do not know.

You spend too much on the ship

Most if not all of the cruise ships these days are cashless. Cards only, so you will need to pay careful attention to your spending on the ship or you will have some big bills to look forward to once you get back.