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What We Want To See In The Future Of Technology-Led Security

In Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin managed to stave off 2 grown men with only a record player, some cut out figures, effective lighting and a record player. Sure, they got in eventually but only because they saw him on his own. What we can learn from this, is that burglars won’t generally risk someone being home, or potentially being caught. The deterrent then, if we’re relying on awesome 90s films for our home security tips, is to design a system that allows us to control aspects of our home when we, and our 8yr olds, can’t be there in person to stage an elaborate ruse.

Most people with a vested interest in home security would say that we’ve come a long way with technological advancements. For example, imagine what George Orwell would have thought about Google’s Nest Cam back in 1949 when he wrote 1984. We marvelled at Star Trek’s self-locking doors in 1966 and now you can install a locking system which is remotely controllable by your smartphone.

Over the last 30 years, technology has been advancing at a rapid rate – who knows what will be available in 2046? So now is the time to dream big with your home security.

Face Recognition

We already know that face recognition is taking off and with products such as i-Bell raising funds to flood the market with their Wi-Fi controlled doorbell camera, it surely won’t be long before we have face recognition door locks. Moving into the home, many homes still have to punch a password into their security alarm to disable the system; fingerprint and face recognition would be the next progression. But let’s dream bigger still…

Robot Security

We started this article by referring to Home Alone so you must have known this was coming – a human sized robotic security guard. In position at the front of your home as a major deterrent, and ready, if provoked or instructed, to defend your home against all odds. Legally, we haven’t considered the nuances of who is culpable if the robot inflicts harm, but it would be totally effective at defending your home.

Full home shutdown

When all is said and done, if someone wants to break into your home that badly, chances are they’re going to be successful. After all, your windows are made of glass – breakable, your doors are probably sealed into the hole in your brickwork with putty or adhesive – penetrable, and even the walls are only made of bricks or stone so a decent wrecking ball could blast through. The only viable solution for total home protection is a full home shutdown a la The Purge. By this we mean a titanium shield that when activated, completely covers your home from roof to basement, thus protecting it from intruders, aliens, your mother in law and many other potential foes.

We dream big with our home security and we know that one day, someone will invent a product that smashes our ideas out of the water. In the mean-time, we will continue to provide an effective service as locksmiths in Norwich, UK and who knows, in 20 years we might be installing titanium home covers…or maybe not.