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When Celebrities Fail on Social Media

It’s tough being famous… 

That may seem a little hard to believe, but if we take a look at the social media accounts of the rich and famous, we can see that being a household name certainly has its disadvantages. In the past, we’d have to rely on the tabloid newspapers to find examples of celebs being stupid or reckless. Now, we have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not to mention the rest of the social media channels. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy celebrity misfits on social media, ever.

Rita Ora

This pop star has talent to spare, and she thought that she would tap into her huge fan base on Twitter back in 2014. Her idea was simple. She promised she would release her new single ‘on Monday’ if the tweet gained 100,000 retweets.

That’s all well and good, and many music stars do that kind of thing. The only problem was that the tweet only gained around 2000 retweets. It was all rather embarrassing. What was even more awkward was Ora’s flimsy attempt to play the whole thing on someone hijacking her account.

Ed Balls

When he was Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls got to grips with Twitter. He soon found he wasn’t very good at it, when instead of tweeting something inspirational and political for his first message, he simply tweeted his name.

Apparently, he had used Twitter to search for his own name. However, he had also inadvertently tweeted the search term ‘Ed Balls’. The good news is that he came out of it well. People found it genuinely funny.

Wayne Rooney

A mega famous footballer decides to use Twitter how it should be used. Or not.

In 2011, he sent a message to his fellow footballing legend Rio Ferdinand. The message was basically a text message between friends asking if he wanted picking up in the morning. Yes, that’s right, Rooney thought Twitter was a private IM platform.

Obviously, this was funny and quite endearing. It also shows how Twitter was very much misunderstood in those early days.

Naomi Campbell

The supermodel is not alone in using her fame to sell merchandise. However, she may be in need of a few pointers on how to endorse products correctly.

It’s obviously not easy. Because once Campbell was on Instagram endorsing Adidas trainers. The only problem was that she didn’t remove the instructions from the brand, which started the message with ‘…can you put something like…’. It did not look good.


Admittedly, some of the biggest celebrity fails happened quite a few years ago, which was, arguably, a more private and less intrusive era. 

People were less savvy online than they are now. And celebrities have staff who vet their online behaviour patterns before it gets out and potentially goes nuclear.

Of course, that isn’t always the case. There’s one celebrity who made it big in the 1990s and continues to remain very much in the public eye.

He’s got a Twitter account too. And his tweets are often seen as being controversial, bigoted and sometimes incendiary. 

That’s right. Donald Trump is still on Twitter. And he is still working without a filter.

Some celebrities just never learn or choose not to.