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When You Cut Soda, What Replaces It?

The cat is out of the proverbial bag, sodas are bad for you. Now you want to cut them out of your diet, but you have depended on them for so long for that burst of energy, or to settle that sweet craving. You need to understand how harmful they are though, to help you let go.

soft-2262307_640Why are sodas bad?

You can always get a surge of energy from that mid-day soda, but within an hour, you are lagging and need another one. Eventually, you are addicted. You have come to rely on soda to get you through the day, and your system has learned to crave the sugar, but the damage to your body is a high cost to pay.

It is a proven fact that soda causes damage to your stomach lining and esophagus causing acid reflux. This is due to the phosphoric acid in the soda, yes, acid. You are drinking a form of acid with every soda.

All sodas have high levels of sugar, sodium, and corn syrup, even the diet ones. Diet sodas have been lulling people into a false sense of having chosen a healthier option when it simply is not true.

Excessive weight gain aside, the sugars and acids in soda react with bacteria on your teeth to cause plaque and damage the enamel.

So you see, your health and well-being are at risk with every bottle.

How do I replace sodas?

Ask anyone this question and the first response will always be water, lots of water. OK, that works for thirst and hydration, but remember, when you cut soda, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You will crave the sugars and caffeine. Drinking tea or coffee will help ease some of the cravings, but to absolutely recover from the soda addiction, use care with what replaces it. Do not turn to sports drinks during this process. They are loaded with sodium, which is excellent if you just ran a marathon, but dangerous for average people looking for an alternative to soda.

Since the beginning of time, people have turned to herbs to cleanse and rejuvenate. There are many herbal supplements on the market that claim to work miracles. Do not fall for false claims. Know what you are taking.

Who can I trust?

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To aid you in cleansing yourself of the effects of sodas, they offer many products that restore balance to your metabolism and sugar levels.

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