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Why Cruise Holidays are in Favour with UK Holiday-Makers

It used to be that cruise holidays were solely for the rich and for the older generation. This is no longer the case (although both groups do still enjoy this form of vacation), and instead it is an affordable luxury that appeals to a much wider base and particularly the UK market. This is due to modern day cruises being incredibly varied and diverse, ensuring that all tastes are catered for.

Great Variation

Whether you are looking to soak up some sun whilst sipping on a cocktail or go dog sledding in Alaska, this is now possible with cruise holidays. One type that has been introduced within the last few years is a river cruise on smaller ships, which enables passengers to see many cultural cities throughout Europe. This was previously not possible due to the size of the cruise liners, but now makes cruising much more appealing to culture enthusiasts.

A Unique Vacation

In addition to the many different types of cruise that you can now go on, they appeal to a large group as they are a unique experience and a great way to see the world. With a cruise holiday, the journey becomes the vacation and a lot of the best memories will be created out in the middle of the ocean. Holidaymakers are beginning to see cruise trips not as a luxury holiday, but instead as an adventure around the world with luxury facilities at your fingertips. Many exciting new destinations are now being visited as there is a shift towards attracting younger passengers.

Cruise Liners

Modern day cruise liners are filled with all kinds of terrific facilities that cater to all. Many include swimming pools, cinemas, fine dining, rock climbing walls, state-of-the-art spa and fitness centres, basketball courts, kids clubs, themed evenings and much, much more. This, inevitably, attracts a much larger crowd than the older generation as there is so much to do and plenty for active types. It is also more affordable, with specialists like Bolsover Cruise Club making this type of vacation a possibility for many for the first time.

UK holidaymakers, in particular, are favouring cruise holidays and this trend looks set to continue. A study in 2016 revealed that the UK cruise market swelled by an impressive 9% in 2015, which is mainly attributed to the increase in younger passengers. More and more Brits (and other nationalities) are now turning their attention to cruise holidays in part because they are affordable, but also due to the sheer variety and the fact that all tastes are catered for.