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Why Wait? 5 New Year’s Resolutions You Never Need Delay

The new year is a great time for a fresh start. With the rush of Christmas gone and a new 12 months ahead, it always seems like the perfect time to achieve a new goal. But why wait until January to make a change? 

When it comes to resolutions, they aren’t confined to the new year. And if you’re looking to make a change in your life, here are 5 resolutions you can take on now rather than delay. 

scrabble-resolutions-3237Stop procrastinating

Being more productive or overcoming procrastination is a common goal for people when it comes to January. However, ironically, procrastination is one of the biggest barriers to achieving new goals. Even waiting until the new year to stop procrastinating is procrastinating!

Procrastination can lead to stress and this is easily avoided. By starting today, you’ll feel much better and better equipped to tackle any other goals you set for yourself. 

Getting in shape

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to get more physically active, there’s no time better than now to start working towards your goal. In fact, taking action based on a date rather than when you’re ready could have a negative effect on your success. 

Studies have shown that waiting until January 1st to set your goals isn’t actually beneficial when it comes to goal setting, reports If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, start working towards good, healthy habits rather than procrastinating and waiting until the new year. 


Mental health and wellbeing have become such an important topic recently, with more of us opening up about the mental struggles we might be facing. It’s because of this, many mindfulness techniques have become common resolutions.

However, with mental health being so important, there’s no reason why you should delay this goal. For example, meditating can have great calming effects and improve sleep. Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult – you can start by setting just 10 minutes aside each day! 

Keep it clean

If you want to become more organised, then you should really start now rather than wait until January! Having a messy home can create chaos and even has a negative affect on your mood and productivity. 

Rather than waiting for the new year to have a declutter, why not start now? Dispose of things you don’t need or use, get into the habit of doing your dishes straight away rather than leaving them for tomorrow and divide chores up in your household to make it easier. 

man-wearing-sunglasses-1667077Stop smoking

Ditching the cigarettes can be a common new year’s resolution for many smokers but leaving this goal for the new year can make it more difficult to quit. For example, smokers might increase their cigarettes per day to “enjoy it while they can”.

However, breaking this bad habit doesn’t have to wait until the new year. If you’re serious about stopping smoking, why not try vaping? E-cigarettes can help to manage nicotine cravings whilst helping you to give up smoking for good. There are many companies, for example, VSAVI, who offer a range of different vaping products for you to choose from