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Wow Your Guests With a Winning Wedding Cake

What Kind of Culinary Centerpiece Would Suit You?

The cake is a big part of any wedding day, so it’s important that you choose one that’s perfect for the occasion.

A cake is the centrepiece of a wedding celebration, and the ritual of the bride and groom cutting the first slice together is a moment that they will both treasure forever. It takes pride of place in the wedding album too! A slice of wedding cake is something that most guests will be heading home with as well, so you want to be sure that it’s something that won’t only wow the pair of you, but will get your guests talking too. If you’re a little stuck for ideas, have a look through our suggestions to get inspired!cake-1814225_640


The classic wedding cake is as synonymous with the big day as a wedding dress. If you want to keep yours traditional, don’t be afraid to let it speak for itself. There’s something stylish about a simple white cake that’s just adorned with a few flowers or a simple topper. Most people opt for royal icing for the wedding cake, but buttercream is a great alternative if you want a more rustic or DIY look.

Breaking the rules

If you want to break the mould a little, don’t feel that you must conform to tradition. Lots of couples are now going for unusual wedding cakes to get their guests talking. Now, there’s really no limits here – only your own imagination. You could flip the idea of a traditional wedding cake on its head by opting for a black one, or going for a super brightly coloured or patterned cake that’s going to make an eye catching centrepiece.

Taste sensations

Of course, a cake has to taste good too, and there are an infinite number of flavour combinations you can opt for in your cake tiers. A fruitcake remains a classic, and when done well very little can rival it. It’s not to everyone’s taste though – so what other options are there? A red velvet cake is always popular, and looks particularly dramatic when paired with white icing. Or you could push the boat out and go from something fruity like a lemon sponge or a rich, dark chocolate cake. Don’t be afraid to choose flavours that aren’t traditional wedding fare – you want this cake to be the star of the show after all!

It doesn’t have to be sweet

Last but not least is the savoury option. No, we haven’t gone mad! Lots of people are shunning the sweet cakes and putting on a totally different culinary display for their guests. Wheels of cheese presented like tiers of a cake is really eye catching. Just have some crackers, pickles and fruit for your guests to enjoy them with. A tier of pies is a really fun alternative to a cake too – and there are so many different flavours for you to choose from!


Choosing one is plenty of fun!

As you can see, there are plenty of different kinds of cake to go for. What one you choose depends on your theme, your budget, and most importantly, your personal tastes. There’s no right or wrong type of wedding cake, and as long as you and your other half love it, your guests will too. So get planning and make some room for some cake samples – you’ve got a big day to get ready for!