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Your Exercise Routine Becomes Effortless With Workout Music

Ok it may not be your first choice on the headphones when you are training to look good in your bikini for your summer holiday you may be wondering why so many of us use workout music when at the gym?

It is obvious that enduring a good exercise routine is good for your heart, but it may be news to you that adding music to your workout can increase your heart rate, which makes your run more effective.

Just by listening to your favourite fitness music, you will be more likely to work out for longer than you would have done without the added music.

Music is designed to distract you from the exercise and the boredom that comes with exercising in silent.  Upbeat music will give you the motivation to get a little bit further.  Next time you are down the gym, music will make exercise more fun.

It makes perfect sense that listening to music that is full of energy will increase your heart rate.  The main reason being we will try to workout at the speed of the music.  So if there is fast music playing, you are very likely to have that extra burst of energy to run a bit faster or a bit longer until the end of the song.  Fitness music will stimulate your brain.

Think about your favourite style and what music you enjoy. 

Because who wants to listen to music they do not like?  In terms of style, use fast and energetic tunes for cardio and slow, calming music for warming and cooling down.

So that you are not wasting time finding applicable tunes, create a playlist that starts with lower beat songs, reaches a peak, and then begins to slow down again.  You will notice when you are next at the gym, music will make your exercise routine seems effortless.

Evidence shows that music is proven to affect your blood pressure.  For example:

  • Working out in quiet with no music – blood pressure reaches its highest
  • Working out listening to Jazz – Less blood pressure rise
  • Working out to classical music – There is hardly any increase to blood pressure

So there you go, when choosing your workout music do not discount classical music.  Not all classical music has calming influences.  Think Mozart and Vivaldi.

It is music’s ability to distract attention (having a psychological effect) and exercise the heart and muscles (physiological effect) that makes listening to music while exercising so effective.  A person’s motivation during exercising has been known to affect their ability to achieve a beneficial workout and therefore affect its performance.

It is not known how music reacts with the body.  One suggestion is that the body responds to the beat before your mind is aware of the music making your heart and breathing increase.

Often felt those tingly chills from listening to some music?  It is your brain reacting to the music.