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Organic Food

Why choose organic

Is organic worth paying extra for or will conventional food be all we need to leave a happy and healthy lifestyle?  A question that that’s not always black and white but pops up all the time, let’s hope we can give you some answers.

What is organic?

Food that has been produced without using any chemical, pesticide or herbicide.  These toxins can be potentially dangerous to our nervous system and are often the contributors to cancer or tissue damage.  Admittedly a single serving of conventional food will not cause any long term damage but the question that should be asked is whether eating this type of food on a long term basis is the cause for long term issues.

Years ago food was either organic or not but as organic food becomes more readily available on the market it because a lot more complex.  In order for an item to be labelled 100% organic it must mean that all ingredients of an agricultural nature must be organic.  Items containing at least 70% organic ingredients can only be labelled as “containing organic ingredients”.

Talk of organic items began with grains and other basic produce and in recent years has expanded to almost everything.  But one thing that should be noted is that grains whether organic or not are packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.  Not every single conventional piece of food is teamed with toxins.

The level and type of toxin will depend on what it is and where it has been grown.  There is plenty of information available on line to help you make an informed decision as to how you spend your money.

Organic food can be expensive if they contain organic rice and flours.  On their own they are affordable but unfortunately as they get added to other ingredients the end product has a high selling price.  If you would therefore like to buy organic foods but keep the price down especially in this current economic climate, opt for single grain items.

Unfortunately local farmers cannot afford to become certified but usually adhere to very strict and responsible standards so it can only be a win-win situation.  Support your local farmers whilst eating fresh, organic and affordable produce.

If you did not know, in order for meat, eggs, cheese and milk to be organic the animals must have been brought up on an organic diet.  Consumers should also be mindful that an organic diet is not the same as being grass fed.

If you stick to an organic diet you are eating produce that is free of any toxins.  By eating organic you are doing something fantastic for your body.  Natural ingredients that as previously mentioned are free from toxins will ensure your body runs effectively all the time.  Enjoy extra energy, a restful night’s sleep and a refreshed inside.

It can be far more difficult to take on the world when you are feeling tired and restless.  Switch to organic and you hopefully not regret it.